Boise's Burgeoning Warehouse District

The Afton, Boise, Idaho

RMH Company


1.2 acres
176,583 gross sf
110,583 sf residential
67 units
8,000 sf retail


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Design Architect: GGLO Design
Executive Architect of Record: CTA

Leadership Team:

Tom Sheldon, Mark Sindell, Marieke Lacasse


Market-Rate Multifamily

Understanding the target demographic, accentuating the warehouse district character and providing pedestrian connectivity with retail and through-block plazas contributed to a smooth entitlement process and increased interest

The Afton mixed-use development occupies a prominent position in Boise’s warehouse district, an industrial-era holdover from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As the first major residential development in the district, The Afton is poised to set the stage for future development of the community. The Afton’s materials and scale build on the existing identity and character of the district. The first two to three stories are clad in brick patterns and colors similar to those of the historical buildings surrounding the site, highlighting Boise’s past.

The Afton’s scale aligns with the district’s typical quarter-block lots by splitting the project into two similarly sized buildings, which allow residents to access an existing alleyway on the site as a pedestrian thoroughfare. The alley is one of the best opportunities to elevate pedestrian mobility in the warehouse district, making The Afton a focal point for the changing neighborhood.