Boise City Hall Plaza

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Commercial/Civic
  • Parks

Boise, ID

1 acre

The city of Boise, Idaho has undergone rapid transformation over the past several years through an ambitious initiative to become the “most livable city in the country.” When it became clear that the existing city hall and plaza did not align with the overall goals for the city’s development, the city partnered with GGLO to design a solution that signals a vibrant, livable future for Boise.

The design team combined the feedback about hopes for the vision of the new Civic Square with their own expertise and created a concept plan for a communal space that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and promotes healthy living through active design.

An elevated event plaza, broad sitting steps, and an artfully designed civic lawn promote community gathering and daily use. An interactive water feature, integrated lighting, and natural landscaping create a welcoming and beautiful space that encourages use and supports physical distancing when needed. A series of metal sculptures cast shadows on the surroundings that resemble sunlight dancing through the filter of tree leaves.

The new Civic Square welcomes visitors into Boise City Hall and provides an artful and accessible space that supports both transit and gathering.