Block 67

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Hospitality
  • Market Rate Housing

Salt Lake City, UT

2,897,141 sf

271 keys

Targeting LEED Gold

Like many growing cities in the United States, Salt Lake City has seen a tremendous increase in population over the past decade in part due to what locals call a refreshing energy. A new mixed-use development has sought to capture that energy and promises to be one of the most vibrant and environmentally friendly blocks in downtown Salt Lake City.

Comprised of several phases, this 6.45 acre redevelopment offers a variety of retail experiences, public outdoor spaces, commercial offices, hospitality and urban residential living. It seeks to create a fine grain character that encourages walkability and entices users of all walks of life to visit by linking the far edges of the site with a lively and walkable central passage. This passage changes in character as it threads its way through the development and links downtown to Smart Home Arena. Upon completion, Block 67, which is targeting LEED Gold status, will set the stage for the emergence of Salt Lake City as a hub for culture and experience in the state of Utah.