Bridges @ 11th

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Campus Environments

Seattle, WA

188,114 sf

184 units

258 beds

LEED Silver

Gold Nugget Awards, Award of Merit - Best Multifamily Housing Community - 100-250 du/acre

WMFHA, Emerald Award- New Development of the Year (151+)

WASLA Professional Awards, Award of Merit for Residential Design Multifamily

Bridges @ 11th, a transit-oriented residential development in the heart of the University District, is an innovative model of workforce housing. It offers employees of a local university and hospital a new residential option that promotes active living.

In early 2010, the Seattle City Council approved Seattle Children’s Hospital’s plan for campus expansion in the densely residential area neighboring the University of Washington. Approval was granted because Children’s agreed to contribute to replacing existing housing that would be demolished as part of the expansion.

Intentional planning incorporated pedestrian and bicycle access from the sidewalk, and integrated bicycle parking, seating for varying users, planters, and proximity to a nearby transit stop. These through-block spaces break up the building massing, increasing street connectivity and permeability.  While creating a harmonious relationship between town, gown and lab coat, Bridges @ 11 provides quality workforce housing, supports recruitment and retention, and contributes to a vital urban neighborhood.