The Hemlock

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Market Rate Housing

Seattle, WA

320,978 sf

297 units

Situated in an urban neighborhood the Hemlock is a mixed-use, multifamily development at the transition point between Greenwood’s commercial and residential districts. The design team made it a priority to respond to community needs, reflect local character, and address the physical challenges of a steeply sloping site.

The Hemlock’s three residential bars step up the hillside as the surrounding context transitions from Greenwood’s premier Commercial street to a dense residential neighborhood. The middle bar is pivoted towards the most prominent corner at 87th and Greenwood Avenue connecting the three volumes and creating two opposing wedge-shaped courtyards for respite. The landscape references Greenwood’s history as a bog. Boardwalks float between deep bioretention planters and patios sunken into the bioretention create an immersive experience for residents.

The project honors the grit and spirit of the neighborhood with inventive masonry detailing, salvaged tree grates, and mural art. All in all, this development is both a welcomed addition to and a thoughtful reflection of Seattle’s Greenwood community.