Cascades Tower

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Commercial/Civic
  • Hospitality
  • Market Rate Housing
  • Mixed-Use
  • Tall Buildings

Surabaya, Indonesia

656 ft (200 m)

1,700,000 sf (158,000 sm)

The Green Cascades development posits itself as the new icon in the Surabaya skyline, with dramatic features in its 200 m/656-foot height, with cascading sky gardens amidst its facade. The development is distinct amid the mature fabric of the project’s immediate context. The project is comprised of elements of familiar scale and textures to create a new, resolutely modern destination for Indonesia’s second largest city.

The project’s three towers include a 100 meter, repurposed and re-clad structure, resurrected from a previous development endeavor on the site and two new towers reaching 157 meters and 200 meters respectively, all erected a 12 story parking structure. The three towers contain Residential, Serviced Apartments, Hospitality, Office, and Retail programming.

The cascading garden and amenity elements of the project provide outdoor space and a connection to nature for residents, hotel and office occupants alike. The podium roof-top provides an urban garden environment adjacent to restaurants, lounge/bar and other amenity spaces. These areas provide a casual yet elegant environment for gathering and dining, establishing The Cascades Tower as the new urban hub for Surabayan city nightlife.