Shoreline Place

  • Urban Design
  • Mixed-Use

Shoreline, WA

1,765,675 sf

1,358 units

Where a  department store in a sea of asphalt once stood, Shoreline Place joins an urban movement that replaces outdated, big-box structures with an activated, connected, mixed-use community—aligning with lifestyle expectations for today’s demographics.

The new, centrally-located Shoreline Place commercial district provides more than 17 acres of community gathering space, multifamily housing, retail, and restaurants in what will ultimately serve as the city’s growing “downtown.”

A series of interconnected open spaces create a sense of place and act as public living rooms for informal gatherings. A new Festival Street serves as the heart of the site, the home for the Shoreline Farmers Market, and the primary linkage through the property. Designed to be highly walkable, a new network of vehicle and pedestrian pathways break down the Westminster Triangle superblock and integrate with the broader context.

Shoreline Place now serves as a catalyst for investment in Shoreline as a modern, walkable, sustainable urban neighborhood.