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  • Market Rate Housing

Seattle, WA

197,556 sf

183 units

WesternCedar will be a new multifamily residence located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. The new building represents the next generation of residential tower development in one of Seattle’s most dense neighborhoods and is driven by a thoughtful relationship to its context including the adjacent Banner Lofts Building.

Most importantly, the WesternCedar building seeks to restore nature, views and daylight to this dense urban site and celebrate the urban landscape by participating in Seattle’s Living Building Pilot program. The unique integration of indoor/outdoor space and landscaped bioswale along the building edge will bring daylight and nature into the generous building lobby, providing amenity for the residents and surrounding neighborhood to enjoy.

The faceted angles of the building along Cedar Street are carefully oriented to capture views to Elliot Bay and the Olympic Mountains beyond. The angular geometry of the building is the result of parametric studies shaping the building to optimal solar orientation and views to surrounding natural features. Residents will have access to generously landscaped terraces as the tower steps back to form a slender vertical expression capped by a roof pavilion and terrace overlooking Elliot Bay, the Olympic Mountains, downtown Seattle and Mt. Rainier to the south.