Seattle House

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Hospitality
  • Market Rate Housing
  • Mixed-Use
  • Tall Buildings

Seattle, WA

548,222 sf

447 units

45 stories

With two new slender towers rising elegantly to 500’ on the skyline, Seattle House—also known as BB6—is firmly anchored with an active mixed-use base into the north edge of Seattle’s dynamic downtown. Views to Lake Union, the Cascades and Puget Sound are maximized to full, while Seattle’s landmark Space Needle takes the foreground.

The two 45-story residential and hotel towers are elegantly highlighted with golden chevron panels that create a crystalline shimmer on the skyline. Elaborate rooftop amenities include lounge and dining areas, spa and meditation spaces, library and game rooms. Above the podium connecting the two towers are additional amenities including pool, outdoor park, recording studio and pet center.

The 6th Avenue streetscape is celebrated with a dramatic three-story “proscenium” that reveals multiple levels of restaurants, a speak-easy, a co-working office, residential amenities and a bike club, activating the street near Amazon’s downtown district. This bold engagement with the city life around it will make Seattle House a memorable destination—a place where people will really want to live work and play.