Dakota Place Park, Seattle, Washington

Friends of Dakota Place Park


14,700 gross sf
2,385 sf existing building
Completed in 2009


Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Mark Sindell



“Nestled behind the old City Light Substation, this pearl of a park offers a little shade, a little room to stretch, and some much needed open space for those traveling just north of the Alaska Junction Area.”

Friends of Dakota Place Park Community Group

GGLO worked with Seattle Parks and Recreation and Friends of Dakota Place Park to transform a decommissioned Seattle City Light Substation into a thriving Community Park in West Seattle. Site features are organized around the guiding theme of energy, referencing the parks past as a distribution point for physical energy and future as a catalyst for social energy. Designed for multi-generational users, elements of the park include an open, terraced lawn for play, a plaza for community events, northwest bird and butterfly gardens for environmental education, and integrated art fabricated by a local artist.

The process was a collaboration that included public meetings, and review and input from the Community, Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Department of Neighborhoods, and the City of Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board. GGLO and Community leaders worked with an enthusiastic group of neighborhood volunteers to install the planting in a weekend long celebration and work party.