Affordable Family Homes in the Heart of Seattle

Compass on Dexter, Seattle, Washington

Compass Housing


0.41 acres
90,589 gross sf
72,192 sf residential
74 units
6,354 sf commercial
26 parking stalls
Completed in 2014


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Michael Wishkoski, Marieke Lacasse


Affordable Housing

“Compass on Dexter helps address the critical shortage of affordable housing in Seattle. In addition to permanent housing, residents will be able to talk to case managers so they stand a better chance of staying in housing.”

Janet Pope, Compass Housing Executive Director

The Compass site is at the southern reaches of the South Lake Union community at John Street and Dexter Avenue and is just north of the landmark Denny Park. This 74 unit project has a large proportion of 2 and 3 bedroom units making it well suited for low income families. In addition to meeting and classroom amenities the building includes offices for the Compass organization. At level two a large courtyard facing east has play equipment, a trellis and perimeter plantings for the residents.

The building design is shaped to setback from the stately Denny Park Lutheran Church across the alley thus maintaining the churches visual connection to Dexter. The south façade is simple and planer to serve as a backdrop to the park. The Dexter façade incorporates broad bays with corner windows offering views to downtown and Lake Union. The building corner is accentuated and is punctuated with a taller sloped roof that serves as an identifying element for the building and the entry below.