Katie Nakata


Outside of the office I love to spend time exploring Seattle, trying tasty restaurants, and have been developing of love of powerlifting and kettle bells.


I’ve known that I wanted to be an architect since my 7th grade algebra class after being presented with an assignment to “design and dimension your dream home”. The most intriguing area was an entertainment center built into a full wall aquarium that could disappear into the floor…Since that somewhat unfortunate design, I have since developed interests in many areas of design, including landscape architecture, interior design, biomimicry robotic integration, graphics, and typology.

Growing up in northern Idaho, I was lucky enough to have spent my youth exploring beautiful mountain lakes and hiking trails, providing me with a deep respect for the wild places. Coupled with my passion for the built environment, I believe designers have a responsibility to create innovative and meaningful design solutions while addressing the interrelationships for the human experience and natural environment alike.

After I graduated with my Masters of Architecture from the University of Idaho, I spent some time working in Boise, Idaho gaining experience in daylighting and energy modelling, and programming for institutional and healthcare use. Since moving to Seattle in 2013 I have gained significant experience in senior living design and am excited to continue working in this area at GGLO.