GGLO 2023 Promotions

February 6, 2023 / GGLO

GGLO is excited to announce our newly-promoted staff! These talented leaders bring abundant and diverse expertise to Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban Design. We value their commitment to community, design, and sustainability, and the impact they have made as leaders within the firm. Join us in congratulating:

George Valdez, Principal

George brings 25+ years of experience in a wide variety of project types: Retail, office, mixed-use, residential, and Institutional with most of his work in the Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles areas. Trained in both Architecture and Interior Design George believes in a collaborative and cohesive design vision that strives to enhance the relationship the built environment has with its occupants and surrounding community.

Ben White, Principal

Ben employs extensive experience from a wide range of projects, a passion for design, familiarity with standard practices, and honed technical skills in his work. He brings enthusiasm, creativity, efficiency, and a strong work ethic. Ben’s projects benefit from his strong leadership skills and his attention to detail. He is highly motivated and self-directed—well-experienced in managing multiple projects while guiding and mentoring project team members. He is an excellent communicator experienced in interpreting and implementing client visions. He establishes and champions the design throughout all phases of a project and is well-versed in working with community groups and neighborhood organizations.

Tim Slazinik, Senior Associate

Tim brings a strong background of public engagement and civic design experience that is rooted in true collaboration and community. His passion for this work lies at the intersection of design and horticulture, manifested through thoughtful, purposeful landscapes of all scales and programs. Tim brings with him a diverse and deep experience set that runs the gamut of scales and project types, from health centers and middle schools to rooftop farms and trail systems. Outside of his project work, Tim serves in national and local roles with the American Society of Landscape Architects and has been a featured speaker at the ASLA Annual Conferences.

Rachel Brockway, Senior Associate

Rachel brings over 20 years of industry experience to GGLO with a strong background in hospitality and workplace design. She possesses a profound love of art, materials, and finishes, and believes they are the most essential element in creating a highly sought-after “authentic experience”. An avid explorer of cities, spaces, and culture, she is passionate about finding beauty in every environment. She prides herself on quick, creative thinking when identifying unique solutions during crucial stages of design. Above all, Rachel places importance on maintaining authenticity, expressing the proper design aesthetic, and discovering the most efficient functionality of space for each client.

Phillip Decker, Senior Associate

Phillip finds solace in many of the PNW’s more varied activities, from backcountry skiing, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, or his favorite golf course. His love for all things outdoors has fostered a deep appreciation for integrated, site-specific design that is both ecologically responsible and authentic to each and every site. When designing, Phillip studies and expresses the inherent character of a neighborhood, geographic region, and the site’s history. This approach helps tell the story of the community and site through the overall site layout, down to the intrinsic details. Prior to joining GGLO, Phillip worked on a diverse set of private, public, and institutional projects throughout the northwest, northeast, and Asia. He has a broad experience in project types that include residential, master planning communities, public plazas, stream restoration, retail lifestyle centers, and public and private schools.

Alex Kenton, Associate

Alex grew up inspired by urban environments growing out of natural surroundings. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon and discovered a unique understanding of design and the role designers play in shaping the environments that directly affect people’s lives. Since joining GGLO, he has assisted with projects ranging from multi-block master plans to prefab mass timber housing units. An enthusiastic communicator, and a self-confessed visual communications geek, Alex loves exploring the built environment through models and 3D protoypes. His work demonstrates careful attention to quality, aesthetics, and effective presentation.

Lindsey Draves, Associate

Lindsey has been involved in all aspects of the project process. From leading client visioning sessions, programming and space planning to finalizing a project through design development, construction documents and construction administration. She has worked with project team ranging in sizes from teams of three, to teams of fifteen or more. She’s worked on projects from 1,500 USF to 100,000+ USF in mostly tenant fit-out, with some new construction. She is highly experienced in working on multiple projects at various stages of the design process, with strong skills in presentations, Revit, test-fitting and client communications. Additionally, Lindsey has worked on LEED certified projects (and projects still working towards LEED certification) and continuously puts sustainability at the forefront of her design process. With her accreditations in LEED and WELL, as well as a Masters in Sustainable Interior Environments, she aims to be a leader in directing all projects towards sustainable goals.

Greg Stacy, Associate

Greg began his career in architecture from a non-traditional means. Growing up as a graffiti artist, Greg’s love for architecture comes from hard work and admiration for the urban environment. His path started with a background in City, Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah and grew into a passion for architecture and understanding the built environment through a tactile, diverse, and inclusive lens. After receiving his Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon, his skills lead him to a computational and systematic approach, creating not only a sustainable building but a process that aids the design process and allows a dialog between what the building needs and what the building wants. Finding this balance allows the exploration of new ways to see projects and creates special moments through design. Creating symbiotic relationships between the natural environment, the built environment, and those who experience it together.

Katie McGough, Associate

Katie has a wide range of experience within the multifamily—affordable, market rate, and senior living—office, retail, and healthcare sectors. She focuses on the design integration of the building’s form and façade with the overall context of the site and program. Katie’s passion lies in a true synergy between the program, the users, and elegant design solutions that promote creativity and fun. Katie is an advocate for collaboration among all colleagues, consultants, and clients—rallying her teams around the project’s vision. As a Northwest native, Katie earned her Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture from Washington State University