Automated doors and hands-free sinks: the little changes we’ll see after COVID-19

April 17, 2020 / Seattle DJC

Kimberly Frank, interior design principal at GGLO, expects post-pandemic multifamily projects will have more plumbing and lighting fixtures that switch on and off automatically, much like in health care settings, along with easier-to-clean surfaces and wall materials with less grooves where viruses and germs can infiltrate.

Frank, who designs for a lot of multifamily, said it is unlikely corridors in those projects will become wider for distancing as that space does not drive rents. But there may be a higher demand by residents to work in their apartments, in the building’s lobby, coffee shop and in coworking or other amenity spaces. This could encourage developers to focus on the ergonomics of those spaces and to include technology that better brings people together virtually, she said.

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