3/28/2018 | Posted at 12:37 pm

Public Engagement: Leveraging Technology to Get to What Matters Most

Technology use is one of the greatest common denominators between cultures, race, class, age and gender. Leveraging technology in participatory design as powerful tools to create an inclusive public engagement, reveal diversity of opinions, and give voice to the silent majority. Through the lens of a recent GGLO public park project in Boise, Idaho, Christine Harrington and Jennifer Tomlinson explore how to incorporate technology into a multi-channel approach to leverage the expertise of the stakeholders, uncover the neighborhood sense of identity, and build social capital and greater community consensus around a beloved and contested Historic Farm.

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9/12/2015 | Posted at 12:23 am

Building Performance Evaluations

Since 2006, GGLO has been conducting ongoing building performance evaluations of multifamily projects in the Seattle area. Over multiple phases of the study, we have collected and analyzed energy and water use data for a total of 54 buildings in 13 projects (all but three designed by GGLO), and have modeled an extensive list of potential energy-efficiency measures.

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8/29/2015 | Posted By David at 3:05 am

Transit-Oriented Communities: A Blueprint for Washington State

In October 2009, GGLO, in partnership with the non-profit advocacy organizations Futurewise and Transportation Choices Coalition, published a report called Transit-Oriented Communities: A Blueprint for Washington State. The Blueprint is a vision and action plan for promoting transit-oriented communities (TOC)—neighborhoods that give people greater access to housing, jobs, shopping, and recreation without relying on a personal vehicle—a land use pattern leads to lower cost of living and higher quality of life for people, and long-term sustainability for the planet. The purpose of the Blueprint to provide guidance and inspiration for community at large, and also to serve as an advocacy manual for new legislation that will promote exemplary TOC in cities throughout the Puget Sound Region.

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