Fremont Peak Park

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Parks

Seattle, WA

27,635 gross sf

Seattle Design Commission – Design Excellence Award

The Fremont neighborhood in Seattle embodies diversity, art and culture. For decades, aging housing and overgrown foliage obstructed western views to passers-by on the Fremont hillside. When the property owner decided it was time to sell, a community initiative raised funds to create public space where residents could come together and enjoy the view. Conceptual design for the park integrates existing elements on the site and repurposes them, representing the artful and creative community.

Envisioned as a neighborhood ‘walk to’ park, the GGLO created a peaceful urban oasis that incorporated the existing vegetation, art, and the history of the Fremont neighborhood. Central to the park’s design is a magnificent view of various Seattle neighborhoods, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains.

Using mythical inspiration of Theseus and the Minotaur, the park and its walls symbolize the famed maze of King Minos. A silver thread, or stainless-steel band, winds and meanders through a discovery sequence: from the entry as a spool, then in-laid in the main promenade and through the meadow, eventually as a metal ribbon around the trees in the woodland and culminating at the view terrace where a stunning view of the Olympics ends the journey. The integrated art was created in collaboration with local artists, Haddad|Drugan. Fremont Peak park creates an enchanting experience and a place where visitors can take in the beautiful surroundings in which Fremont residents live.