Yesler Terrace Master Plan, Seattle, Washington

Seattle Housing Authority


30 acres


Planning & Urban Design, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Jeff Foster, Marieke Lacasse


Affordable Housing, Market-Rate Housing, Parks & Open Spaces

“This is as innovative, as comprehensive, as collaborative an effort as I have seen. Not just anywhere in the country, but anywhere in the world."

Shaun Donovan, US Housing and Urban Development Secretary

Yesler Terrace is an approximately 30-acre publicly subsidized housing community owned and operated by Seattle Housing Authority. Built from 1941 to 1943, it is among the most diverse and economically challenged neighborhoods in the city. At 70 years old, many of Yesler Terrace’s buildings are failing. While 561 of Yesler Terrace’s apartments are still functional, they do not meet the modern-day needs of tenant families. Many of Yesler Terrace’s 1,200 residents are families with children, seniors, people with disabilities and immigrants who speak scores of different languages. On average, Yesler Terrace residents earn less than 30 percent of the city’s median income.

Seattle Housing Authority and GGLO are engaged in a comprehensive planning effort to replace Yesler Terrace’s aging housing structures with a revitalized mixed-income community where people from across society can come together to enjoy cultural diversity and high quality housing with amenities close by. The goal is to replace what exists there now so that both current and future residents can live in a community that is healthier, more supportive of education and economic empowerment, and more sustainable.