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WSU Gateways, Pullman, Washington

Washington State University


1.2 acres
52,272 sf open space
Completed in 2015


Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Mark Sindell


Campus Environments

“The opportunities we create at WSU today embolden the discoveries, education and service to benefit the world tomorrow.”

Dr. Elson S. Floyd 10th President of Washington State University

GGLO designed a series of entry gateways for Washington State University’s Pullman Campus, highlighting the University’s identity by leveraging the powerful impact of first impressions. The design solution taps into the potent cultural and physical presence of WSU, clearly and dramatically expressing the main entries, serving as a powerful and welcoming symbol for parents, prospective students, current students, staff, faculty and returning alumni. The design approach is an internationally brandable, regional response to the Palouse landscape and surrounding context that integrates the past, celebrates the present, and looks to the future.

Using the iconic ‘Palouse Eyebrow’ as inspiration, proposed gateway designs include a scaleable and implementable ‘kit of parts’ of gently rolling topography, stone veneered walls, signage,  lighting, and regional landscape materials Each entry is a subset of the overarching concept, developed specifically to relate to its immediately adjacent community context. This successful translation of the essence, aspirations and goals of WSU served as a potent fundraising tool and catalyst for budgeting, funding and implementing the first phase of the project.