Woodway Town Hall, Woodway, Washington

Town of Woodway


0.52 acres
6,462 gross sf
15 parking stalls
Completed in 2013


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Tom Sheldon



“Working with a small city in the design and construction of its first city hall in 50 years is not easy. Not only did GGLO provide us with an economical, yet beautifully designed building that was sensitive to our community’s values, they managed its construction with a passion that showed personal commitment.”

Eric Faison, Woodway Town Administrator

This municipal project began with GGLO assessing what was needed to bring the original Woodway Town Hall facility up to current safety and accessibility standards. Numerous concerns including structural issues, soil instability and a significant lack of space for storage and operations prompted the Town Council to pursue new construction over remodeling the existing building.

The new building will provide a safe, efficient and attractive environment for town employees and residents. The Town Hall will house all town operations including police, public works and administrative staff. A new Council Chamber and sloped lawn will encourage community gatherings. The design focused on complimenting the existing surrounding residential neighborhood through scale and material palette.