A distinctive gateway into bellevue's developing skyline

The Mirador, Bellevue, Washington

Create World USA


200 ft | 61 m
0.4 acres
194,900 gross sf
119,300 sf residential
110 units
24,100 sf retail


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Will Castillo


Market-Rate Multifamily, Tall Buildings

As part of Bellevue’s burgeoning skyline, The Mirador stands apart from the surrounding downtown district in several key ways. From ground floor up, the project possesses a unique façade for an otherwise standard building envelope that utilizes texture, material and form to highlight it as a distinctive destination. An established pedestrian zone set back from the street pulls in passersby, highlights the project’s retail base and activates the street in ways not currently taken advantage of in Bellevue’s downtown thoroughfares. The Mirador’s top floors employ duplex apartments that allowed the design team to offset the building’s profile and establish generous balconies.