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Sparc Apartments, Bellevue, WA

Security Properties


2.53 Acres
427,671 gsf
297,344 sf residential
309 units
23,580 sf  commercial
306 parking stalls
Completed in 2017


Architecture, Landscape Architecture


Market-Rate Housing

Adjacent to downtown Bellevue, the Spring District will be an up-and coming urban mixed-use neighborhood encompassing commercial, residential and retail tenants, including hotels and restaurants. Divided
into three phases, GGLO is designing the first phase of residential use within the 16 city-block district.

The overall goal of the residential phase is to create places that support public-private connection and interaction. Phase specific strategies for successful placemaking include creating a gateway/entrance to the neighborhood, staggering buildings to bridge the visual connection from taller buildings in other phases to the Spring District park and transit station north of the site, and connecting the on-site residential streets to establish links within the new neighborhood.

GGLO designed the first residential phase to open in the Spring District, which consists of five buildings housing 309 residential units and a Bright Horizon early education center.