Improving Community Resilience

Seattle Climate Action Planning, Seattle, Washington

City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability & Environments


Planning & Urban Design

Leadership Team:

Marieke Lacasse


Parks & Civic, Planning & Urban Design

"We can do something meaningful, not just for the planet, but also to create the city we want to live in, one that is safer to walk and bike and has cleaner air and water"

Mike O'Brien, City Councilmember

In support of Seattle’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, GGLO worked with the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) on the 2013 Seattle Climate Action Plan (CAP), including the Visualizing Climate-Friendly Communities outreach project (with Studio 216), and Green Ribbon Commission (GRC) Recommendations report that informed the 2013 CAP work.

The 2013 CAP provides a coordinated strategy for the City and community to work together to take action to reduce GHG emissions and advance community goals, including building vibrant neighborhoods, fostering economic prosperity, and enhancing social equity. While City government action is the primary focus of the 2013 CAP, the solutions to climate change will require action from everyone in our community—local government, residents, businesses, industry, building owners, utilities, and many others—as well as action at the state, federal, and international level.

To that end, the CAP focuses on those sectors where City action is most needed and will have the greatest impact in Seattle: road transportation, building energy use, and the waste stream. Furthermore, the CAP includes an overview of what residents can do to address climate change, and a summary of what others are doing to reduce emissions in our neighborhoods, and the freight, air travel, and industry sectors.

For more detailed information, access and links to the full reports on the Seattle Climate Action Plan, Visualizing Climate-Friendly Communities and GRC Recommendations, please see our Insight page.