R.A. Long Park, Longview, Washington

City of Longview


7 acres
Completed in 2009


Landscape Architecture



"That civic circle is high visibility for the community...By sprucing it up, it sends a message ... that we care about our town and we’re proud of it."

– Tom Hutchinson, City of Longview Councilman

R.A. Long Park is located in the Civic Center of the master-planned community of Longview. In recent years, this registered historic park has become disconnected from the surrounding community due to access, safety, and programming issues.

GGLO led a multi-disciplinary team including landscape architects, urban designers, historic preservation experts, and transportation planners to develop a master plan that celebrates the unique history of the park while positioning it for a successful future. Other services included development of cost estimates and phasing plans.

As part of the Master Planning Process, our Team led a concurrent process for public input, historic preservation, and recommendations for historic 120 acre Lake Sacajawea Park.