Designing a thriving and equitable transit-oriented community

Mt. Baker Station Area Plan, Seattle, Washington

City of Seattle


30 acres


Planning & Urban Design


Parks & Civic, Planning & Urban Design

Since 2006, GGLO has been working with The City of Seattle to envision and test the feasibility of redevelopment of 30 acres of land surrounding the Mt. Baker Light Rail Station.¬† In 2009, the city wrapped this work into a year-long process of updating the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan, which has a special focus on transforming the station area into a vibrant “town center”.

Mount Baker Station represents an invaluable opportunity for creating a high-performing transit-oriented community, but it also poses significant challenges. The area is currently characterized by auto-oriented businesses, surface parking lots, and underutilized land. Two major arterials that intersect adjacent to the station are difficult to cross and create a hostile pedestrian environment overall.

The GGLO team conducted background research, provided strategic thinking, produced maps, graphic materials, and renderings, and helped facilitate a series of public meetings. The final Neighborhood Plan Update was issued in January 2010. Subsequently , the City expanded our original scope of work to include urban design graphics for two other station area neighborhood plans and new Design Guidelines for the North Rainier Neighborhood. This work is guiding both near-term decisions about development as it begins to occur in the station area, and long-term thinking about traffic and infrastructure changes.