Kebero Court, Seattle, Washington

Seattle Housing Authority


1.23 acres
134,661 gross sf
109,570 sf residential
103 units
56 parking stalls
Completed in 2015


Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Jeff Foster, Marieke Lacasse


Affordable Housing

"This place is the fullness of our eyes. It brought tranquility to us."

Liban L, Resident

Over the next 15 to 20 years, housing in the Yesler Terrace community will be incrementally replaced, building new energy efficient homes and adding new parks and market rate housing into the neighborhood mix.

The first replacement housing is located closer to Bailey Gatzert Elementary School in a group of buildings including two story townhouses for large families and a five story, elevator served building with ground floor units for large families through one and two bedroom units. This site begins the transformation towards a new mixed use, mixed income neighborhood between Downtown Seattle, First Hill, Little Saigon and Squire Park.

Building configurations respond to solar access and both territorial and distant views. Steep topography and high traffic volumes on Boren are overcome with a series of accessible and connected landscaped open spaces serving multi-generational users, while providing easy grade access to public transportation.