HopeWorks Station Phase II, Everett, Washington

Beacon Development Group


0.59 acres
67,311 gross sf
31,151 sf residential
65 units


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Jon Hall, Mark Sindell, Kimberly Frank


Affordable Housing

For low-income residents of Snohomish County, affordable housing and living wage jobs are high priority needs that are hard to access [1]. With conscious community-focused design, HopeWorks Station Phase II will serve those needs.

The 67,000 square foot, four-story multi-use HopeWorks Station Phase II project will provide comprehensive housing and job re-entry programs, as well as social services for residents and the formerly homeless of Snohomish County. Located in Everett, Washington, the project includes housing, job training facilities, a café, teaching kitchens, and an event space staffed by the training program.

As part of the ILFI Living Building Challenge Affordable Housing Pilot Program, the project aims to achieve significant energy reduction, water efficiency, and sustainability goals.

The GGLO design team set out to create a space that is both private for residents, and inviting for the public. Inside the building is a main commercial lobby and café, aimed at centralizing a space for art, inspiration, and gathering. Employee on-the-job training programs will take place in the café, and will be visible to the public.

The building walls will wrap around a lush courtyard, and allow daylight to stream in from all sides. The tranquil, green space will have community gardens and family play areas.

To invoke a sense of peace and fluidity inside HopeWorks, the GGLO interior design team drew inspiration from biophilic design, layering, weaving, and influential design choices like Feng Shui. Natural, calming features aim to provide a place of respite for residents and clients alike. Neutral colors, warm woods, minimal materials such as concrete and exposed structure, and honest healthy products were carefully chosen to ensure a comfortable, timeless environment.

**Design concept created in partnership with Dykeman Architecture