Greenbridge, White Center, Washington

King County Housing Authority


95 acres
1,704,000 gross sf
1,650,000 sf residential
1,100 units
54,000 sf commercial
Completed in 2011


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Planning

Leadership Team:

Jeff Foster, Marieke Lacasse, Mark Sindell


Affordable Housing, Parks & Open Spaces

“Greenbridge will ensure that White Center remains a strong and vibrant community for generations to come.”

Patty Murray, US Senator

Greenbridge is a community in King County , Washington, created from the revitalization of Park Lake Homes, a 100-acre public housing development. The King County Housing Authority received a HOPE VI grant award from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in November of 2001 to initiate planning for this mixed-income residential community.

The primary goal was to replace existing World War II era housing with an equitable distribution and mix of housing types to create a neighborhood community with youth and social services at its heart and connections to open space, off site amenities, and neighborhood shopping. The design process required simultaneous translation into six languages, to address the needs of the different global cultures and the generational groups within those cultures. A variety of housing choices and building types, including for-sale detached housing, clusters of single story cottages, attached townhomes, and stacked townhomes over flats, will replace the 569 single-story residential units.

Greenbridge incorporates sustainable design practices throughout the project, both in site and building design. King County formally committed to these practices through a Demonstration Ordinance that allows a number of variances to the Land Use and Building Codes. Pedestrian paths and trails establish a variety of routes for residents to walk 10 minutes to the center of the new community and link to the neighboring urban village of White Center . A hierarchy of open spaces are spread across the site, including community, neighborhood, and pocket parks, with trails and linear parks connecting them. An emphasis on “discovering” art around the site becomes an integral part of the pedestrian experience.


2014 Center for Active Design – Excellence Award

2013 Making Cities Livable Conference – 10 Minute Neighborhood Award

2011 Affordable Comfort Inc – 2011 Residential Efficiency Award


Master Builders of King Counties – 3-Star Built Green