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Garfield Station, Parkland, Washington

Affinity Investments


2.2 acres
89,635 gross sf
74,043 sf residential
104 units
8,251 sf academic space
7,341 sf commercial
Completed in 2015


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Beth Dwyer


Campus Environments

“GGLO was meticulous in developing and meeting the schedule Pacific Lutheran needed. Their team are excellent listeners, and are high budget conscious.. At the same time, they are highly creative, and understand wanting to have a project with ‘pop’.”

Sheri J Tonn, PhD, Former VP of Finance and Operations at PLU

Garfield Station aims to create a strong residential community by fluidly integrating the physical building into the growing and evolving campus context at Pacific Lutheran University. To this end, Garfield Station is designed for permeability of both building and site. A blend of residential amenities, university-occupied spaces and retail spaces activate the pedestrian experience of Garfield Street while a mid-building breezeway creates a circulation spine to the north. This spine, originating from the public plaza on Garfield Street, features a rain-garden boardwalk leading to a pathway offsite and terminating at the Transit Center.

The various amenity decks, daylight corridor, and the three levels of residential units above, provide commanding views of the surrounding community, Pacific Lutheran University, and Mount Rainier.


Pursuing LEED® certification