Fremont Peak Park, Seattle, Washington

Seattle Parks and Recreation


0.55 acres
27,635 gross sf
24,500 sf open space
Completed in 2007


Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Marieke Lacasse



"We love this cute, small, neighborhood park which was a great, quiet place to enjoy nature! And quite the lovely spot to watch the sunset."

Amanda Z, Visitor

Fremont Peak Park is a public park located in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle. The site is comprised of three residential lots with a magnificent view of the various Seattle neighborhoods, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains . Envisioned as a neighborhood ‘walk to’ park, the GGLO Landscape Architecture group was charged with master planning a peaceful urban oasis that valued the existing vegetation and integrated art and the history of the Fremont neighborhood. The master plan process included a series of workshops and meetings with the Park stakeholders to assess opportunities, develop concepts and alternatives, and create a final master plan.

Using the metaphor of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, the park and its walls symbolize a remnant of the famed maze of King Minos. A silver thread, or stainless steel band, winds and meanders through a discovery sequence: from the entry as a spool, then in-laid in the main promenade and through the meadow, ensuingly as a metal ribbon around the trees in the woodland and culminating at the view terrace, where a stunning view of the Olympics ends the journey. The integrated art was created in collaboration with Laura Haddad, a local artist.


2007 Seattle Design Commission – Design Excellence Award