A catalyst for change

Eastern Washington University NESTT Center, Cheney, WA

Eastern Washington University


Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Mark Sindell


Campus Environments

“Imagine school children coming to our campus to experience a facility that grows their food, is powered by the sun, gets its water from rain and replaces what it uses.”

Todd Sturgis, Director of Development at Eastern Washington University

Transforming the way we learn and evolving our relationship with nature, Eastern Washington University’s Natural and Environmental Science Testing and Teaching Center (NESTT) will be a catalyst for change.

For decades now, communities have become increasingly disconnected from the natural world that surrounds them, the local food web that sustains them, and the finite resources that fuel their lifestyles. The NESTT Center, a 15,000 sf sustainability center planned for Eastern Washington University’s campus, will – through education and outreach, dramatically reverse this trend for EWU, its educators, and the communities that define Eastern Washington. The NESTT Center is designed to meet the newest Living Building Challenge standards, providing the public with a model of how careful and planned construction can add to the value of the community and add back to the natural environment rather than taking.

The area’s natural ‘history of place’, a fundamental understanding of local water cycles and reconnection with the regional food web will be translated, demonstrated, taught, and explored through this living laboratory and via the lens of the Living Building Challenge. The NESTT Center was conceived with the purpose of protecting our world by re-awakening awareness, respect and empathy for native place in future generations.