Repositioning for a distinct pacific northwest identity

Emerald Heights, Redmond, Washington

Emerald Heights


9,829 sf dining
309 Independent Living units
Completed in 2014


Interior Design

Leadership Team:

Kimberly Frank


Senior Living

“I appreciate the homey atmosphere and enjoy watching people come and go in the lobby, referred to as the “living room,” as well as many other common areas. Although I have a full kitchen in my apartment, I prefers the pleasant company and variety of dishes prepared in the dining room.”

Mary M, Resident

Emerald Heights is a nationally recognized life care community in Redmond, Washington, and home to more than 450 senior adults. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Emerald Heights embarked on the goal of “future-proofing” the campus. A new master plan laid out a phased development path for expanding and renovating its community. The goals were to integrate new programs, expand technology, increase density, focus on contextual design, and enhance a distinctive Pacific Northwest identity with hospitality-inspired amenities. The client saw this as an opportunity to promote healthy living through building elements that encourage activity, wellness, and connection; while still designed for function, flexibility and long-term value and durability.

GGLO assisted Emerald Heights with the interior design of this phased redevelopment that expanded its campus to include a new fitness building, auditorium building, and independent living building. The most dramatic transformation took place in the main campus building with its fully remodeled corridors and common atrium spaces. This renovation included an update of the unit finishes, a refresh of the Corwin Center Assisted Living wing, and an expanded and remodeled, now celebrated Dining room.

GGLO crafted the concept and design that would bring together friends, family, and other residents alike in the spaces they call home. By looking at the spaces with the eye of designers specialized in integrated design, the interiors team was not afraid to question the functionality of the space as it stood or was assumed. They brought a design to each space that complimented the building and outdoor spaces while still keeping the overall themes intact. Special attention focused on promoting cohesion between all the phases of the project and utilizing timeless finish materials in natural wood tones and textures that harkened back to the Pacific Northwest ambiance.