Sustainability applied at the neighborhood scale

Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, Seattle, Washington

Capitol Hill Housing


525 acres


Planning & Urban Design

Leadership Team:

Marieke Lacasse


Parks & Civic

“We are unequivocally supportive of the EcoDistrict and its passed Resolution… the EcoDistrict is a vital part of the existing (and future) cultural, economic, and social ecosystem of Capitol Hill.”

Zachary Pullin, VP, Capitol Hill Community Council

In March 2011 Capitol Hill Housing was awarded a grant from the Bullitt Foundation to spearhead the creation of a new “EcoDistrict” on Capitol Hill. GGLO led the research and outreach efforts to establish an EcoDistrict on Capitol Hill with an inventory of information and recommendations for action. A site analysis of neighborhood resources and preliminary community outreach was conducted in order to inform initial recommendations for sustainability work on Capitol Hill.

This “Capitol Hill EcoDistrict – a proposal for district-scale sustainability” report is a catalogue of that work. It is a resource to assist Capitol Hill in developing its EcoDistrict, with goals, metrics and strategies identified around specific environmental ‘performance areas’: Community, Transportation, Energy, Water, Habitat, and Materials. These recommendations, if implemented, would improve the neighborhood’s environmental performance. The EcoDistrict is now comprised of a Steering Committee, targeted environmental performance working groups, a full-time EcoDistrict Director, and Sustainability Manager which are working on this community-driven effort that strives to be a national model for a culturally vibrant, environmentally resilient, socially equitable, and healthy community.

For more detailed information on the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, as well as a link to the full report, please see our Insight page.