Block67, Salt Lake City, UT

Ritchie Group


6.45 acres
638,906 sf residential
106,497 sf retail
172,2113 sf hotel (271 keys)
429,625 sf office
669 units


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Urban Design

Leadership Team:

James Bradley

Leveraging the energy of downtown Salt Lake City, Block 67 seeks to create a finer grain character that encourages walkability and entice users of all kinds to visit the site. The development focuses on linking the far edges of the site with a lively and walkable central through passage. This passage changes in character as it threads its way through the development and links downtown to Smart Home Arena. Additionally, Block 67 provides a variety of retail experiences, public outdoor spaces, commercial office, and urban residential living. All while connecting and enhancing the surrounding neighborhood context.