An active public center connecting residents to downtown Newcastle

Avalon Newcastle Masterplan, Newcastle, Washington

AvalonBay Communities


53 acres
22 developable acres
up to 900 units
up to 43,000 sf commercial


Planning & Urban Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Mark Sindell, James Bradley


Parks & Civic, Planning & Urban Design, Market-Rate Multifamily

Avalon Newcastle will be a 21st Century ‘traditional’ town square that is a dynamic and active public center that supports a mixed-used residential and retail community. There will be a range a residential types including townhome stoops, studios and supporting amenities. Retail space and townhome stoops will enliven the central plaza both day and night and the events lawn will support large Newcastle festivals as well as day-to-day residential living. The streetscape will be a tapestry of paving types, street furniture and ornamental lighting.

Direct access to nearby downtown Newcastle, Coal Creek Park and Newcastle Golf Course will link Avalon Newcastle with recreational activities, community infrastructure and local direct access to the outdoors. A comprehensive and diverse parking strategy with multi-modal trails that serve as an extension to downtown Newcastle connects local businesses efficiently as well.