Connecting Communities Via Its Prominent West Seattle Site

Aura West Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Trinsic Residential Group


200,955 gross sf
144,402 sf residential
159 units
10,633 sf commercial
152 parking stalls
Completed in 2016


Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design

Leadership Team:

Sean Canady, Will Castillo, Kimberly Frank, Marieke Lacasse


Market-Rate Multifamily

“This project is well designed to take advantage of the site’s complex conditions and builds on them by including the design and installation of a hill climb connection.”

West Seattle Triangle planning committee, EDG Meeting

Aura West Seattle sits on a site at the junction of multiple architectural contexts, from industrial warehouses and fast food joints to small civic buildings and wide open green spaces.

At its core, the goal of this project was to create a diverse, vibrant community on the site and a connecting point to the immediate neighborhood. These elements are addressed through the integrated design of enlivened street edges, newly created through-block open spaces, and two pedestrian-friendly hill climb connections to the neighborhood.

The building massing was sculpted into three distinct components, like small neighborhoods, each with a circulation core at their center and unique outward orientation and roofscape. Vibrant landscape elements create a comfortable, secure, and family friendly environment for residents.