Positioning one of Boise's "Ribbon of Jewels" for the next 50

Ann Morrison Park, Boise, Idaho

Boise Parks and Rec


153 acres


Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Mark Sindell


Park & Civic

"GGLO led one of the best public involvement processes I have ever seen."

Maryanne Jordan, Boise City Council

The 153-acre Ann Morrison Park is one of the parks, within the ‘Ribbon of Jewels’ along the Boise River Greenbelt.  Over the past 57 years, the area surrounding Ann Morrison Park has transformed from warehouses to residential.  Meetings and open houses with the Morrison Family, neighbors and stakeholders revealed a vision for positioning the park for the future.  GGLO teamed with JA Brennan to enhance the ecological and recreational function of the river frontage and park waterways.  The master plan update provides interactive water features, improvements to the civic and recreational areas of the park, expanded river beach and riparian habitat.