Fostering Urban Livability

AMLI Spring District, Bellevue, Washington

AMLI Residential


1.43 acres
231,702 sf residential
204 units
60,115 sf common amenity
6,064 sf commercial
Targeting LEED Silver
Anticipated Completion 2019


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

Leadership Team:

Will Castillo
Jon Hall
Kimberly Frank
Mark Sindell


Market-Rate Multifamily

AMLI Spring District will connect and enhance the urban and suburban qualities of its surroundings in the greater Spring District neighborhood, with a goal of fostering urban livability. There are three distinct opportunities the building’s design responds to which include the building’s urban form, the open space connectivity, and an interactive ground plane; combining these opportunities the compelling design solution presents a visually rich and varied roofline to the neighborhood.

AMLI Spring District is the third and final residential development in the Spring District.