10th Ave Hillclimb, Seattle, Washington

Seattle Housing Authority


0.5 acres
Completed in 2016


Landscape Architecture

“Hillclimb will create a convenient pedestrian connection between Yesler Terrace, Little Saigon and the International District...soon there will be a pathway opening access to shopping, restaurants and transportation options, creating an even more vibrant community”

Andrew Lofton, Seattle Housing Authority

The 10th Avenue Hillclimb is a vital part of the Yesler Terrace redevelopment, reconnecting Yesler Terrace with its neighbors and creating connections within the neighborhood. The Hillclimb is a pedestrian and cyclist staircase which will provide a direct, safe connection between Yesler Terrace and the Little Saigon/International District communities.

The design expresses the travel of stormwater through the site and incorporates culturally and community-specific public art created and curated by a local artist. The Hillclimb’s thoughtful design includes intertwining stairs, walks, bike runnel, accessible ramps and a gathering space at the top to enjoy views. Future phases of the project include spaces for a community p-patch.