3/28/2018 | Posted at 1:18 pm

Transformative Results Through Design-Build Delivery



Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center at Washington State University


Design-Build Delivery is becoming a go-to method for public projects in Washington State and across the country. Per DBIA, this delivery method “saves money and time by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork.” The recently completed Elson S Floyd Cultural Center at the entry to Washington State University’s Pullman Campus epitomized the intent of this delivery method. The interactive session broke down the GGLO-Absher Design-Build Team approach, which was centered around aligned purpose, shared vision, engagement from the onset of the project, and the confirmation of a legacy in the making.

Mark Sindell, Design Principal, GGLO
George Valdez, Senior Associate, GGLO
Sebatian Kalilikane, Project Engineer, Absher Construction
Paula Groves Price, Associate Dean for Diversity and International Programs, Washington State University

Presentation Learning Objectives

  • Understand the benefits of design-build delivery and how to build an integrated Team to achieve transformative results within strict confines of budget, schedule, and institutional requirements.
  • Through this case study, learn strategies for an inclusive design process that leverages team expertise to maximize building, systems, landscape, and sustainable performance.
  • Understand site planning and campus design strategies that unify building and landscape as one.

Presented at the 2018 WASLA Annual Conference in Seattle, WA