9/11/2015 | Posted at 10:04 pm

Seattle 2030 District


In December 2009, GGLO became a founding member of the Seattle 2030 District, an interdisciplinary public-private collaborative working to create a ground breaking high-performance building district in downtown Seattle. Participants of the District include major property owners and management companies, utilities, engineering and architecture firms, and community stakeholders like Architecture 2030, Cascadia Green Building Council, the City of Seattle and BetterBricks.

The 2030 Challenge for Planners serves as the foundation for the District’s performance goals. To assist District property owners, managers, and tenants in meeting those aggressive goals, the Seattle 2030 District will develop realistic, measurable, and innovative strategies for reducing the environmental impacts of facility construction and operations. Further, members will receive a roadmap on how to leverage existing market resources and create new partnerships for overcoming existing market barriers in order to better own, manage and develop high performance buildings. The ultimate aim is to:

  • provide a working model of district scale development that achieves the 2030 Challenge targets;
  • prove that high performance buildings are the most profitable building type to develop in Seattle; and,
  • help the City of Seattle further its goal of becoming a carbon neutral city.

GGLO made a three year commitment to provide in-kind services which contributed to the acquisition of an EPA Climate Showcase Communities Grant to fund Seattle 2030 District operations through the end of 2013.


GGLO Team:

Alicia Daniels Uhlig NCARB and Dave Cutler AIA


Seattle 2030 District
Architecture 2030
“Building a Better Bottom Line…in Seattle” (YouTube)
“Getting to Zero: A Pathway to a Carbon Neutral Seattle” (1MB PDF), May 2011, Stockholm Environment Institute – U.S., Cascadia Consulting Group, and ICF International

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