3/1/2019 | Posted at 12:33 pm

Black History Month #NotableDesignerSeries

(Emerging Professional Leaders pictured left to right: Maxim Fields, Lauren Hague, Simba Mafundikwa.)


GGLO’s Emerging Professionals* celebrated Black History Month with the #NotableDesignerSeries. Through a series of informational posters shared with the firm in February, the EP’s honored prominent black designers and their impact on the architectural community. Read about the featured designers below.


* The Emerging Professionals Group are designers at GGLO who are unlicensed and licensed professionals with less than 10 years of experience. The 2019 EP Group is led by Maxim Fields, Lauren Hague, and Simba Mafundikwa. The EP Mission Statement is as follows:

1.  We are your advocates – the link between what you want and getting it done.
2.  We will provide resources for people looking to hone skills and further career development.
3.  We will help you build rapport and create social opportunities outside of work.