3/1/2019 | Posted at 12:33 pm

Emerging Professionals Honor Black History Month with #NotableDesignerSeries

(Emerging Professional Leaders pictured left to right: Maxim Fields, Lauren Hague, Simba Mafundikwa.)   GGLO’s Emerging Professionals Group* celebrated Black History Month with the #NotableDesignerSeries. Through a series of informational posters shared with the firm in February, the EP’s honored prominent black designers and their impact on the architectural community. Read about the featured designers…

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9/18/2018 | Posted at 12:20 pm

624 Yale, A Case Study on Healthy Design

People in the U.S. spend 90% of their time inside, which presents both a challenge and opportunity for designers to create healthy indoor spaces [1]. At GGLO, Interior Design Principal Kimberly Frank and her team intentionally choreograph spaces that embrace social, emotional, physical, and mental well being: an ideal blend for healthy, sustainable design. The firm’s…

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5/8/2018 | Posted at 1:26 pm

Focus on Urban Design (Not Just Urban Planning) 

By embracing timeless principles of urban placemaking, we can create walkable transit villages and make room for housing at every socioeconomic level. First we have to re-invigorate high quality urban design. Written by Gerhard Mayer   (Image via Shutterstock)   Los Angeles, being predominately a suburban city, met the limits of its capacity decades ago….

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3/28/2018 | Posted at 1:18 pm

Transformative Results Through Design-Build Delivery

    Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center at Washington State University   Design-Build Delivery is becoming a go-to method for public projects in Washington State and across the country. Per DBIA, this delivery method “saves money and time by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork.” The…

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1/24/2018 | Posted at 12:42 pm

Designing for the Future: Adaptable Garages

In Los Angeles, up to 14 percent of all land is devoted to parking (per SCAG data 3.3 parking spaces for every registered car). Vast parking lots, or behemoth above grade parking structures, are occupying desirable real estate downtown – land that could be used for more offices, retail, or housing. In the future, studies…

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1/24/2018 | Posted at 12:41 pm

Building A Better Box: Density 2.0

Cross-laminated timber’s (CLT) benefits have been evident for years – rivaling concrete and steel in performance, but with a smaller environmental impact. At GGLO, Principal Ted Panton is advancing the applicability of mass timber in urban environments with the development of a CLT-hybrid system, which can be applied in both conventional  framing and modular project work. …

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12/26/2017 | Posted at 9:15 am

Does the JUST Label Really Make Organizations More Just?

This article was originally published in Living Future’s Trim Tab In 2014, GGLO started to explore the new nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations being developed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Known as the JUST Label, the program is a voluntary disclosure tool founded on simple, yet profound goals: Improve organizational…

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11/1/2017 | Posted at 3:17 pm

Fostering an Inclusive Community

As we wrap up inclusive design month at GGLO, we’re reflecting on how we can use our experiences to help us design more inclusively. We’re continuing to push ourselves to go beyond incorporating only the minimum accessibility requirements, with the goal of creating holistic designs that build an optimal experience for everyone. Our industry has…

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10/3/2017 | Posted at 4:47 pm

Going Beyond the Code

GGLO has always been a proponent of accessible design. Yes, it’s the law, but it’s also an essential piece of our mission to design spaces that inspire community. We design distinct places where people connect and thrive – believing that the fundamental desire to interact and feel and be moved by something can be evoked…

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10/3/2017 | Posted at 3:14 pm

Design that Works for Everyone

Written by Jennifer McDougall Watt It is time to move beyond designing to meet only the minimum accessibility code requirements, and begin to consider all abilities and stages in life when we create our built environment. According to the 2010 US Census Bureau, nearly 1 in 5 people have some form of disability, and the…

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