Yeni Li

Senior Urban Designer


"Less is more."

– Louis Kahn


With a background in urban design and architecture, Yeni is passionate about the holistic integration of planning, landscape, architecture and infrastructure. Her passion is working to make our communities more livable, sustainable and dynamic. Before moving to Seattle, Yeni worked on projects along the East Coast as well as internationally in China, India, Morocco and Dubai.

Growing up in an environment surrounded by designers and engineers, Yeni got familiar with design tools at a young age. Yeni’s favorite part of school was studying architecture and urban design in Florence, Italy, for one semester. She later received an AIA Award of Excellence in Urban Design while working towards her master degree. Yeni is a licensed architect in Virginia and is in the process of getting her license in Washington state.

Yeni’s specialized training in urban design has produced skillful site and master planning results for complex mixed-use and residential projects. Her strengths include drafting conceptual plans and design guidelines for clients, as well as developing site and building feasibility studies. Recognized as a designer of vision and creativity, her work exemplifies strong hand sketching and computer skills.

As a LEED Accredited Professional, Ms. Li has used the principles of smart growth, new urbanism and green building to create compact, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods with established connections to nearby communities.

In her spare time, Yeni enjoys art through painting and photography. Other interests include dancing, skiing and traveling. A certified dance sports endurance instructor, Yeni also enjoys outdoor activities; she wouldn’t mind going for a 5-hour mountain biking adventure at 10,000 feet above sea level every once and awhile.