Will Castillo



An accomplished mountain climber, Will's position at the top of the GGLO "hill" is well-suited to his patient, one-step-at-a-time attitude.


Will has a passion for both concept design and the technical side of putting buildings together. He consistently demonstrates an ability to lead projects from conception to completion. His expertise in listening and understanding client’s needs has lead to many successful projects throughout the northwest with both local and national developers. With a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between architectural design and building technology, Will has as a conviction that if something doesn’t work technically, then it can’t work architecturally. 

Will believes design is a powerful tool for developing a lasting competitive advantage for his clients. He is equipped with the background and skills to assist the firm with their goal of producing projects of the highest technical caliber, operating with direct project involvement, and involved with mentoring and technical guidance.


American Institute of Architects, AIA

Construction Specifications Institute, CSI

Cascadia Green Building Council