Tiina Ritval

Senior Associate


Tiina's first language- Estonian- is spoken by a little over a million people worldwide.


Tiina spent much of her childhood toddling around construction sites with her father, a contractor. Two degrees in Architecture, an intensive coursework in Urban Planning and over a decade of design practice later, Tiina has fused her understanding of construction technology with the knowledge and tools to solve complex design problems. Her degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Smith College fueled the activist in her to pursue projects with a social and environmental agenda; her Master of Architecture coursework brought about a reverence for analysis and design rigor; and her study of Urban Planning and Design unleashed the inner transit nerd and density advocate.

A sense of adventure and an invitation to play for a nationally ranked women’s rugby team spurred Tiina to the Pacific Northwest. A lover of team sports from a young age, Tiina credits her collaborative design approach to her commitment to team sports. At GGLO Tiina has exercised her design muscles in projects ranging from downtown towers to single tenant spaces and a whole lot in between. She contributes to the ULI workforce housing task force and rides the bus to downtown daily with her toddler son Madis.