Steve Kane



Steve’s deep experience in architecture has led him to design facilities that you won’t find on any map. You can ask him about them, but then he’d have to…


Having lived and worked on both coasts as well as several places in-between, Steve applies his extensive world experience to challenging projects here at GGLO. He is a graduate of the architecture school at Washington State University where he studied design and enjoyed the Palouse’s abundant wildlife and fishing. Steve has spent much of his time flying on and off of aircraft carriers stationed around the world while he was employed in the US Navy.

Steve attributes his love for design and building to his time spent with erector sets as a child, leading to a career of tackling complex problems with elegant solutions. With over twenty years of experience in building, Steve has been able to accumulate a diverse range of project-type experience under his belt. From the (relatively) simple office design to the high-complexity of research labs and healthcare projects, Steve enjoys any sort of challenge.