Scott McLeod



“If there is one thing I’ve learned in 52 years of public service, it is that there is no problem so complex, nor crisis so grave that it cannot be satisfactorily resolved within twenty minutes.”

– Winston Churchill, The Crown


Scott begins his career at GGLO as a project architect working on a multipurpose civic project.  His most notably project experience includes multifamily high-rises, tenant improvement for a grocery store chain and facilities for sports and hospitality. Scott is passionate about providing quality architectural design solutions that fulfill the client’s needs while understanding that needs change as the design process evolves.

As part of this process, he recognizes the importance of abiding by and working with governing authorities to successfully execute projects across all types and scales. He has been involved in acquiring permits for land use, as well multiple design reviews. He is diligent in following local jurisdictional code, design guidelines, the international building code, accessibility standards and the energy code.

Mr. McLeod is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States. When he’s not delighting clients with his project work, Scott enjoys exploring new places, usually with his golf clubs in tow.