Samantha Beadel



Samantha gained an appreciation for both indoor and outdoor space from the summers she spent at her parents' vacation house in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River.


It was apparent from a young age that Samantha had a penchant for both the artistic and technical side of design. Using her dad’s first generation Macintosh, Samantha used the early vector based application MacDraw to design whatever she wanted (she started with her dream house, channeling her future architect).

After receiving her Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia she wanted to experience west coast life ‘out of curiosity’ – and she hasn’t looked back. Samantha can honestly say she enjoys all aspects of architectural design. From envisioning how a space will impact a person’s daily experiences to figuring out how to build that space, to seeing that vision form and shape communities, Samantha takes pleasure in designing and creating from start to finish.