Ray Sayers

LEED® Green Associate™


Raymond’s first built home design was a log home in Montana, built by an Amish Community!


Ray was a summer intern at GGLO before joining us full-time following his graduation with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Washington. He grew up in rural North Idaho and moved to Seattle in the midst of its urban redevelopment. Ray quickly observed the need for healthier, community-focused design and so focused his studies on designing solutions for affordable housing in the Puget Sound region.

Ray’s interest in history and culture has developed into a passion for traveling. While visiting new places, he tries to identify and understand key cultural meanings that enhance the built environment. This approach has found its way into his design process. Ray rigorously tries to understand the users’ demographic, social and cultural needs to enhance and engage people with their community. Coupled with his firm grasp of technical tools and sensitivity to human needs, he is effective at producing thoughtful architecture that promotes a positive, inclusive experience for users in any urban environment.