Rachel Bishop


Rachel enjoys exploring the outdoors and all that the PNW has to offer. On rainy days you can catch her binge watching documentary movies, in a yoga class or cooking a new recipe she found on Pinterest.


Rachel received a Masters of Interior Design from The George Washington University in Washington DC and a Bachelor of Arts from McDaniel College in Maryland. Starting her career on the east coast in the Baltimore and Washington DC area, Rachel gained experience in designing high-end senior living communities across the country. Her passion for design continues to grow as she collaborates with others to bring cohesive ideas to life.
Rachel is drawn to sustainable design that inspires healthy lifestyles. She also finds that all good design should stand the test of time while celebrating nature. It is Rachel’s goal to make a difference; to design for the greater good of humanity and bring communities together. Seattle’s progressive spirit seemed to be the perfect fit, so she made her way out west to join the GGLO team.